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Our 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services In Chatham & Kent Include:

A 24 hour locksmith service:

This means that we can and will be there when you need a locksmith in Chatham or elsewhere in Kent most! We will also carry out an inspection of your property to ensure that it is adequately protected against breaking and entering because we know what a devastating emotional and psychological affect it can have on people who are unfortunate enough to be a victim of crime. Whether you need a lock upgrade, UPVC Door locks replacing or anything inbetween we’ll be there!

There are a multitude of reasons to choose our company, not least because of our competitive prices and 24 hour service, but because we are a reliable and respected local business. If you need a locksmith in Chatham or elsewhere in Kent, don’t hesitate to contact today.

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Here are just a few of the locksmith services that Aqualibra Locksmiths provide:

Your Locked out? – Click here to contact Chris now for a quick response.
A mechanical or digital lock fitted to your office door – Stop carrying all those keys and have keyless access to your office!
Safes opening /servicing /removing /fixing to the ground or moving.
A master key system – To control who has access to certain doors.
PVCu / UPVC Door problems in Chatham? – Lock replacements and servicing.
Mortice deadlocks fitted to your external doors to increase security – Up to current insurance requirements.
Your key has snapped off in the lock and you want it removed.
You need advice on upgrading security.
You have some locks but need help fitting them


Click here to email Chris with your enquiry – He will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively call; 07595 538664

A note from Chris, Your Local Locksmith:

“Think how precious your family members are to you and how valuable and sentimental some of your belongings are? I believe as much should be invested in decent security as possible. It amazes me sometimes that people will happily spend £500 on a television but will spend only £5 – £10 on a simple Yale lock that protects that £500 television from a burglar! When that television then gets stolen, they soon realise that they have not invested any time or money into securing the property. I have met many victims of crime doing this job and usually the most common feeling victims of a burglary have is violation, the thought that somebody has been through your personal belongings. There is a common theme that nobody wants to invest in security until they become a victim of a burglary. Why not be one-step ahead and invest now before you are forced to! There is nothing better than turning that key at night, knowing that you and your family are as safe as possible.

Thanks for reading, you have taken the 1st step to a more secure future in your home”

Free Security Check, How Safe Is Your Home?

Lets be honest. If someone is that desperate to gain entry to your home they would. Either by forcing the door open, drilling the locks or smashing a window. The best and only thing you can do is SLOW THEM DOWN.

With good quality locks an intruder trying to break in would cause a lot of disturbance and draw attention to themselves. This would give people the opportunity to call the police and you would have peace of mind knowing you done everything you could to secure your property Aqualibra Locksmiths are the only company offering a FREE SECURITY CHECK to assess how vulnerable your home may be to an unwanted intruder.

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